Gilbert Seibel Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research, President

Welcome to the “Wheels Garage”

Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc. would like to recognize the following businesses, individuals, clubs and “Wheel’s” owners who have donated monies and/or time to promote prostate cancer research. Your help and generosity enables us to channel funding to labs, hospitals, research centers, and other venues that hope to find a cure for this deadly killer of man.

Of specific interest to me is the Mayo Clinic. In “I Lived It”, I related that I had a radical prostatectomy in December of 2005. My surgeon thought that he had extracted all of the cancer when he removed my prostate gland. Sad to say, the cancer had somehow escaped the capsule and has returned. Although there is no tumor, I am still battling the cancer. My interest in the Mayo Clinic research is a procedure whereby T-3 cells seek out and destroy only the specific cancer cells that escaped the prostate.

Continued funding into this type of research, as well as other aspects of Prostate Cancer, will go a long way in curing and prolonging life for those affected. Will we ever be able to eradicate prostate cancer? Perhaps not in my lifetime; but continued funding will enable researchers to offer treatments, and procedures to a cure and a better quality of life.

A plaque of Honor has been hung on the Garage Wall recognizing your support for Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc. and prostate cancer research.

To those below, I thank you.

Gilbert G. Seibel
President, Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research, Inc.
Prostate Cancer Survivor

  • Chesapeake Urology Associates P.A.
  • Dr. Sanford Siegel
  • Nancy Cromwell
  • Mel  & Phyllis Gofstein
  • Carol Siebel
  • American Grinding Company, 105 Annabel Ave. Baltimore, MD 21225
  • Crown Trophy, Owings Mills, MD–Brian Litofsky and David Chapman
  • Napa Reisterstown Road at the 140/30 split
  • Gil & Kay Seibel
  • RTW Enterprises Inc. 3300 North Ridge RD, Suite 105,  Ellicott City, MD 21043