Welcome to Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc.

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WFPCR has donated over $26,000.00 to prostate cancer research in six (6) years of fund-raising.      

Mission Statement

Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc. is committed to providing research funding to help find a cure for prostate cancer by bringing together individuals from all walks who share a love for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Our show, web site, literature, and real life experiences provides men and their families with an opportunity to learn about prostate cancer. Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc. reaches out to all men, regardless of religion, age and ethnicity, encouraging annual blood testing as well as a physician’s DRE exam to detect early signs of prostate cancer.

WFPCR’s Message to All

We have tried to create a web site that offers information to a range of men from all walks of life. The site will provide some of the latest updates on prostate cancer and the related fields of interest as they become available. This is not to say that this site is the foremost authority on prostate cancer. Your best source of information on your situation will be your Urologist. If prostate cancer runs in your family, or you are in a high-risk group, this site may help you in making some decisions. Anyone who wishes specific information can e-mail info@wheelsforprostatecancerresearch.org and we will try and have a doctor from Chesapeake Urology Associates get back to you. If you wish to talk to someone from a support group, you can also e-mail info@wheelsforprostatecancerresearch.org .

This site hopes to provide those who navigate the Internet with the ease and availability to seek further information with links that are provided. As for support groups, I’ve tried to find those that currently advertise, in Maryland, on the Internet. There may be other support groups out there that provide services for those with prostate cancer, and if we receive input from these groups, will publish their names on our site.

In “I Lived It” WFPCR has created a page of straight talk from those who have tread down the road of prostate cancer. It is important to remember that all of us react differently to procedures, medications, and support. In “I Lived It, “ you will hear from those who have “walked the walk” before you. We hope those who wish, will share their “walks” so that others who will have to go on the “journey,” will be better prepared.


Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc. is a 501(c)(3)-Non-Profit Corporation in good standing–licensed to perform fundraising in Maryland. Wheels for Prostate Cancer Research Inc. is operated solely by volunteers and has no administrative costs.